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mikevogelfans's Journal

Mike Vogel Fans
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This is a community for fans of the very versatile Mike Vogel. You may or may not remember him from his wide range of roles such as: Dean on Grounded for Life, Eric in Grind, Andy in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or even Heath in MTV's Wuthering Heights.

The rules here are simple. Whether it be news or graphics, please keep all posts Mike related. When posting graphics, such as icons, friends only banners, or even wallpapers, remember to use LJ cuts to avoid messing up everyone's friends pages. Also, it's a good idea to remember that stealing is not cool and if you plan on taking any of the graphics posted here that you should definitely credit. Other than that, all that we ask is that you keep things somewhat clean. We're not completely anal about that sort of thing but some people are and sometimes it's nice to remember that not everyone has the same views.

That said, we hope everyone has fun sharing the Mike Vogel love!

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